Member categories

To cater to the vast array of companies involved in the global supply chain along the New Silk Road, we have set up the following categories of membership:
Customs Clearance

Partner categories

In order to provide all members with the support and eco-system to strive, we also partner with other logistics related service providers, who do not fall into the member categories. These could be:
How often should I practice to have the best results?
Is yoga enough or should I compliment it with cardio and weight lifting?
How often and for how long should I practice in a week?
Which yoga style should I practice?
What is the right amount of time to wait after eating, before practicing yoga?
What is the best time to practice yoga?
Which mat is best for yoga practice?
How to identify a good yoga teacher?
Application Process and Criteria
Each applicant may select up to two member categories to apply and list for. This does not limit what services the applicant may provide others in the network, however it helps other members to easily identify and understand what is unique about your company. Each category has a specific set of application questions which must be filled in truthfully in detail. The applicant must also allocate a dedicated person that will oversee and ensure active network participation.

Secondly, all applicants must provide 2 companies as external references that have worked with them for at least a year. Our team will reach out with a set of evaluation questions regarding your past performance and reliability.

Last but not least, all applicants will be subject to a credit check, or if this is not available, must submit the financial statements of the most recent year for checking.

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