September 6, 2020


September 8, 2020


Nobu Hotel, Warsaw


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In retrospect

As a young network, the year 2020 has been significant for us as we hosted our first Annual General Meeting in these uncertain times. With sheer perseverance and hard work, we made it possible for our members and partners to meet each other and share ideas to grow business along the New Silk Road.

New Silk Road Network’s first-ever Annual General Meeting was held in the historic city of Warsaw, one of the central rail hubs in Europe. The venue for the conference was the chic boutique Nobu Hotel, Warsaw. Starting from the 6th till the 8th of September, our event gave multiple occasions for formal and informal get-togethers between our delegates. A unique aspect of the event was our ability to bring together the delegates who could not join us in person and the ones present at the venue.

We set up remote stations which were equipped with iPads and two pairs of headsets that were used by our live delegates to meet the ones attending remotely. All meeting tables were stocked with disinfection equipment that was used to wipe down the surfaces after every meeting. We kick-started the event with a cocktail evening in the Nobu Bar and Restaurant, where a little game of Jenga broke the ice. In this elegant setting, our members met each other for the very first time and became warm acquaintances over potent cocktails and delicious canapes.

During the one-on-one meetings, our delegates had the opportunity to formally introduce their companies to each other. Each meeting session was a leisurely 30 mins, allowing abundant time to go into specifics and discuss strategic partnerships. Staying true to our goals of creating a niche knowledge hub for the Belt and Road Initiative, we also included presentations and case studies on the various topics regarding the BRI. These interactive sessions allowed our delegates to hear from the industry members and together tackle some of the issues that logistics companies face along the New Silk Road.

Needless to say, between these information-packed sessions, our delegates also had the added benefit to take breaks by stepping into the cosy terrace or the coffee room, which offered a wide range of beverages and snacks. 5-star quality meals were provided to our delegates most hygienically, in Japanese styled Bento boxes. In another informal setting at the gala dinner, business bonds also became friendships as our delegates fine-dined on the 4-course meal at the elegant Flaming & Co. Restaurant, Warsaw.

Despite the challenge of hosting such an event in COVID-19 times, we were delighted to have 28 companies join us, from which 30 people were live in Warsaw. The dedication of our members fully showcase their commitment to the network and each other, and we are proud to have delivered a solid event keeping in mind the health and safety of all.

With the support of our members and partners, we are sure that next year we will have another triumphant event, in another significant city, in another exquisite venue.

See you all very soon!


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