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(Pic Credit: MEPL International)

MEPL International, NSRN’s founding member from UAE recently undertook the task of delivering 4 aircraft engines from UAE to Korea. MEPL handled the loading and lashing, customs clearance, as well as the sea freight up to Busan port. The four engines were stowed in pairs in two containers, and as we shall see, the process was not easy.

The European perspective of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a colourful myriad of opinions, each more substantial than the other. For us, examining Europe and China’s concerns are equally important to understand what is presented for our businesses by these global forces. While trying to define the Belt and Road Initiative, the EU chose the description by Dr. FP van der Puttens as a “broad conceptual framework for policies contributing to greater economic integration within Asia, between Asia and Europe, and between Asia and Africa”.

Hövelmann Logistik, a founding member of New Silk Road Network (NSRN), is a company 75-year-old company with a unique legacy and an exciting past. A family run business, Hövelmann has been resilient over the decades because of a distinctive factor that we learnt about in an interview with Frank Maslock. Mr Maslock is the branch manager for Hövelmann Logistik’s set up in Haldensleben, where he has operational and managerial responsibilities. Working with the company for over seven years, Mr Maslock gave us a glimpse into Hövelmann’s business model and ethos.

(Pic Credit: Hövelmann Logistik. Clockwise from top: Dirk Hövelmann, Ruth Hövelmann, Wilhelm Hövelmann, Bernd Hövelmann and Domenik Hövelmann)

We recently caught up with Rebekka Wang, Managing Director of CHS Containers Handel’s China office. CHS Containers Handel is one of the founding partners of New Silk Road Network (NSRN). After finishing a busy day's work, Ms. Wang spoke to us regarding various topics involving their business.

Apart from an already established set up in Europe, we learnt how the China branch, led by Ms. Wang is extensively growing their presence in the region and playing a part in connecting East and West. On a more important note, Ms. Wang described the benefits of Shipper's Owned Containers (SOCs) and their increasing demand. Finally, Ms. Wang also stressed on the need for having a strong partner and customer base that will see a company through unforeseeable occurrences.

(Pic Credit: CHS Containers Handel. Rebekka Wang with her team in the China office. Front right: Ms. Wang)

(Pic Credit: CSC Transport Limited)

Earlier this year, CSC Transport Limited, a member of New Silk Road Network (NSRN) conducted a bulk service between the from the Port of Shanghai, China to Port of Mumbai, in India. The cargo was picked up from Jiangyin, which is located at 150 km from Shanghai. The cargo contained large steel plates that were moved via 9 trucks from Jiangyin to the Port of Shanghai on the same day.

It is often said that the key to successful communication is listening. We are listening to our members and partners as we proactively apply their suggestions. A month ago, we sent a questionnaire to our members and partners, that focused on understanding their needs. One of the most common suggestions that we heard was the need to have a chat group where everyone could quickly reach out to one another, and that is why we have launched our NSRN chat group on WeChat.

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