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Founding member of the New Silk Road Network and an experienced player in the market for warehousing and trucking, the Huetteman Group was established in the year 1956. In sixty-three years, they have grown their business and cemented their grip in the European supply chain sector. To understand the history, legacy and their current circumstances, we spoke to Manfred Köhler, the Managing Director of the HUETTEMANN GROUP.

(Pic credit: Huettemann Group, featuring Mr. Manfred Köhler, Managing Director)

Sitting in his office, Mr Köhler exuded professionalism along with humbling knowledge that comes from years and years of experience. He joined the company 30 years ago and has been growing and changing with them. He believes that the reason for his commitment lies in the simple fact that the company is diverse in its functioning, which allowed him to learn and explore many different things with them.

Businesses across the globe have witnessed very different scenarios because of situations created by the novel coronavirus. Our NSRN members also had their fair share of challenges and discovered inventive ways to conduct the daily business. One of our founding members Shenzhen Anda Shun International Logistics was kind enough to interview their representative to gauge the scene firsthand. Star He, who is the Assistant of Overseas Market Executive Director of Ltd (ADS), informed us on how this China-based logistics company functioned during the pandemic, the lessons they learnt and the values that sustained them through these times.

(Pic Credit: Shenzhen Andashun International Logistics. Banner translation: Joining forces to combat the virus - Shenzhen ADS successfully launches charter service)

In a video call with Star, sitting in her conference room with a wall full of trophies and certificates behind her, we quickly gathered the credibility of this company. Star was kind enough to make time for us from her busy schedule, which was overflowing due to the number of shipments that ADS is conducting as manufacturers in China are functioning at full swing.

The CoViD-19 has made it difficult for companies to go about their regular business. However, as many doors shut, some interesting ones open. This was the case for three of our NSRN members. Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), situated in Germany, along with two China-based logistics company Shenzhen Anda Shun International Logistics (ADS) and CSC Transport Ltd collaborated to support the fight against coronavirus.

In a recent shipment, the German-based Kopf & Lübben collaborated with China NVOCC Containers Ltd (CNCL), established in Shanghai, China. These NSRN members, together transported a 40FT container of cosmetics from Paris, France to Chongqing, China, from where it headed towards its final destination. Kopf & Lübben’s road department collected the goods from France and took them to Germany for stowing in the container. They followed this by ensuring that the cargo and its documentation complied with export regulations and completed the customs clearance for the consignment. The cargo was then forwarded to Duisburg and loaded on to a train towards Chongqing.

Founding member of the New Silk Road Network, Langowski Logistics, has recently opened a new warehouse in Lodz, central Poland. This facility is mostly dedicated to handling imported and exported cargo via the New Silk Road. The new warehouse and regular rail connection between Lodz and Chengdu (China), has enabled Langowski Logistics to launch a regular LCL service to China.

For the past several years, a rise in discussions about the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has made it noteworthy. BRI is a popular topic not just in media and politics, but also in the fields of business, academics and culture. So what makes it so unique? And how is it relevant for us in the logistics industry?

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