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(Images from the exhibition 'Break of Gauge'. Pic Courtesy: Kopf + Lübben)

Pioneers in cargo train service, New Silk Road Network’s (NSRN) founding member Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services GmbH was contacted by the artist Paul Kolling to help him send GPS devices via railway from China to Europe using the New Silk Road. During the complete journey, GPS data was recorded that, which among other data was used by Mr Kolling to set up a captivating art exhibition. He displayed 320 meters of film, with projectors at five points along the line enlarging the image on film.

Recently we spoke to Emrah Erkut, the Managing Director of MEL Logistics, one of New Silk Road Network's (NSRN) founding members. Mr Erkut, a dedicated and hardworking individual, who strives to provide logistics solutions for CIS countries, the Middle East and Central Asia. We learnt about the knowledge and experience required in operating in Central Asia, as each country is fraught with complex bureaucratic processes.

(Pic Credit: MEL Logistics)

New Silk Road Network's (NSRN) founding member, Rieck Holding GmbH & Co.KG is a well established and successful venture in the German logistics market. With its broad reach across the globe, Rieck has the capabilities and experience of many generations. In an interview with Mr Gunnar Mickeleit-Jung, we realized the various services that Rieck offers to its customers and the efforts it makes to sustain business relations with everyone.

(Pic Credit: Rieck Holding GmbH & Co.KG)

(Marcel Grätz from Alexander Global Logistics)

New Silk Road Network’s (NSRN) founding member Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) will expand its footprint to China with a new branch opening in Shanghai on 1st October 2020. By taking this step, AGL aims to offer all clients a wider range of services, with in-house local support in the Asian market. As experts in pulp and paper logistics, AGL has one of the top players in the sector.

(Nanxiang Classification Yard. Pic Credit Wikipedia)

Rail is one of the most integral forms of transport in China. A country that covers a large part of the Asian landmass, rail is one of the most economical options to get around from the satellites to the centres. With a total network of 175,000 km of track, China has the second-longest railway system in the world. Moreover, it has the most extensive High-Speed Rail (HSR) network of about 29,000 km. Meeting the demands of modern times, China is continually developing its railways.

(Pic Credit:MEPL International)

New Silk Road Network’s (NSRN) founding member from the Middle East, MEPL International has recently become an authorised contract Logistics Service Provider (LSP) for Carrier, Australia. Carrier is a leading manufacturer of air conditioning and refrigerating devices for commercial and industrial use. Since 2016, MEPL has been handling Carrier’s products from their production facilities to their distribution points.

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