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New Silk Road Network member from Poland, Omida S.A. extended their hand to assist a fellow member from Bulgaria, Mireks Shipping with finding the right storage facility in Poland.

Mireks Shipping was in need of a warehouse in Poland, where various goods from different shippers, such as second-hand spare car parts, had to be consolidated. Upon arrival in the warehouse, the parts, which were packed in cartons, had to be put on one pallet ready for inland haulage.

The reliability of New Silk Road Network’s member for China, InterMax Logistics Solutions Ltd., is once again demonstrated. The team safely and successfully delivered over-width TP covers for offshore wind farms, to their final delivery destination, Kaohsiung. TP covers are sturdy waterproof components used to protect offshore wind farms during their construction. Sent from Denmark and stowed into a vessel in Amsterdam, the TP covers were loaded onto five 40’ flat racks containers. The TP covers were stacked in piles of 7, with each stack measuring 7.5 x 6.58 x 2.81m and weighing 8.000 kilograms.

Photo Credit: InterMax Logistics Solutions Ltd.

New Silk Road Network (NSRN)’s member representing Poland, Omida Group, has been involved in a large project to transport rutile sand from Ukraine via Polish territory, despite the current difficulties with the ongoing war. 30 containers are already transiting between the two countries on a weekly basis with more volume to come in the future.

Photo Credit: Omida S.A.

In the world’s race of making existing operations and processes more sustainable, New Silk Road Network’s (NSRN) partner JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven demonstrates how it is done.

JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven has always been at the forefront of innovation being Germany’s only deep-water container port and is constantly modernizing its operations in line with the commitment of making it more climate friendly. They announced that in time for the Deutsche Bahn winter timetable, the work on electrifying the railway infrastructure at the port has been successfully completed. In line with the electrification of the Oldenburg – Wilhelmshaven main line by Deutsche Bahn, the port’s 4 km feeder line and 16-track pre-routing group went electric on December 7th, with official operations starting on December 12th. This completes the expansion of JadeWeserPort‘s hinterland rail connection, creating a route optimally equipped for handling further goods transport.

Photo Credit: JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven

New Silk Road Network’s (NSRN) member for Turkmenistan, At Abray / Turkmenline has always been active in supporting the logistical activities of NGO’s. Most recently, upon the occasion of the World Children’s Day on 20th Nov, the children in Afghanistan received a special delivery from the Turkmenline team – 6 truckloads of student kits donated by NGOs in effort to support Afghan civilians.

Photo Credit: Turkmenline

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