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NSRN founding member Langowski Logistics (formally known as Langowski Shipping) was featured in a Chinese Documentary series called “Yu Sees the New World”, produced by Henan Television (HNTV). The episode titled ‘One Belt One Road Research’, features managing director Tomasz Langowski with the presenter of the episode, taking him on a tour of their Warsaw warehouse.

Joining a network is a strategic decision for many companies. It means being part of a community of like-minded people, who have the common goal of expanding their business network, learning from the experience of others, and in the end turning this into profit growth for themselves. The question arises, how should one use a network?

Honesty, integrity, and respect, these are the guiding principles of Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services, a company established 44 years ago, and founding member of the New Silk Road Network (NSRN). Kopf + Lübben is an international logistics company with a network of offices in Germany and China. They are one of the critical players transporting along the New Silk Road, with years of experience and knowledge. To understand the remarkable history and legacy of the company, we had a chat with Thomas Manigk, the sole shareholder and one of the Managing Directors of Kopf + Lübben.

(Pic Credit: Kopf + Lübben)

We delved into the changes over the years that led to Kopf + Lübben’s growth and success. He spoke to us about the relevance of the New Silk Road and its growing influence in the logistics industry. Mr Manigk also shared his perspective on diversifying one’s businesses and developing strong bonds with customers. His journey with Kopf + Lübben began in 1995, and with his ideas and determination the company has achieved many laurels.

Intermax Logistics Solutions has developed a name for itself as experts in cold-chain logistics along the Belt and Road and are active members of the New Silk Road Network (NSRN). With 11 offices across China and strong business coverage across Eurasia, they strive to build reliable connections between East and West. Recently Rob Brekelmans was welcomed into Intermax as their European Business Director. Our team had the pleasure of speaking with him about the development of Intermax, the need to adopt a "Hub and Spoke" system in Europe, and the importance of wholesome as opposed to low-cost transport solutions.

(Pic credit: Intermax Logistics Solution, featuring Rob Brekelmans, European Business Director)

Knowledgeable and worldly are the most appropriate adjectives to describe Rob Brekelmans. Sitting in his mahogany tinted home-office, with a background of huge bookcases, Rob exuded intimate knowledge of the logistics industry. Here is what we learnt…

(Pic Credit: Youtube)

It is not only the German shipping companies and ports that are struggling under the pressure of the Corona crisis, but freight forwarding companies are also feeling the squeeze in their daily business. In an interview with ARD television, Carsten Hellmers, CEO of Alexander Global Logistics GmbH (AGL) and Chairman of the Bremen Freight Forwarders' Association (VBSp), highlights the slump in cargo handling in German ports.

Otentic Customs, a founding member of New Silk Road Network (NSRN), was visited by Dutch customs authorities for the purpose of AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) and the renewal of all customs permits. This audit also included Otentic Logistics. Several visits were conducted by the auditors where Otentic’s employees, systems and procedures concerning Customs Compliance were complimented and approved.

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