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The New Silk Road Network offers a large array of services to help companies get the most out of their membership. These include the following aspects, however should you require individual support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team

Service Directory

Member Directory

Gain access to our member directory and find the perfect partner to assist you in your im- and export business. All members have been screened prior to entry to ensure their reliability and service quality, so you do not have to do the homework. With our wide coverage of forwarders, rail operators, warehouses, truckers, customs clearance agencies etc, you will gain access to a professional ecosystem that will take your business to the next level.


Service Directory

Annual General Meeting

Get invited to large scale networking events such as our Annual General Meeting. This is a unique chance to interact face to face with fellow members along the New Silk Road all at once without having to travel to all the different countries. While modern technology has brought us all closer than ever, the importance of building trust and rapport in person remains. Chat with peers, mingle with experts, and ultimately gain more business.


Service Directory

Marketing Services

Promote your company within the network and increase the visibility of your services. In many cases, opportunities are missed not because of the lack of competence, but the lack of exposure to the right people. Make yourself easily findable and approachable with our targeted marketing campaigns on social media so that enquiries come your way.



Service Directory

Business Facilitation

NSRN is all about networking and meeting with the right people. If you need help in getting introduced to someone, or would like us to help facilitate a meeting, we would be happy to oblige when possible.


Service Directory

Guarantee Fund

Maintain a peace of mind with our payment protection in place, especially when dealing with foreign members for the first time. At NSRN we understand the importance of member quality, which is why we will pay extra attention to the credentials and financial state of all applicants. However, payment default could still occur, which is why we have a Guarantee Fund in place.


Service Directory

BRI Knowledge Hub

Learn from companies similar to yours on how they leverage the opportunities of the Belt and Road Initiative. Be part of a community and share practical knowledge about local developments along the New Silk Road.

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