How to become a Member / Partner

Member Categories

To cater to the vast array of companies involved in the global supply chain along the New Silk Road, we have set up the following categories of membership:




Customs Clearance Agency


Partner Categories:

In order to provide all members with the support and eco-system to strive, we also partner with other logistics related service providers, who do not fall into the member categories. These could be:







In order to qualify for membership, each company must submit an application form which will cover the following aspects:

Company Registration / Presentation
Geographic Coverage in Service
Proof of financial soundness
Relevant certificates such as ISO approval
Proof of ownership for asset owning companies such as truckers and warehouses

In order to avoid the mass clustering of members, which could lead to difficulties for others to pin point the suitable partner to approach, we ask that you explicitly define which areas & regions you are strong in, and will cap the number of members admitted that possess the same know how.





Annual Fee

The minimum membership duration is one year, with the option to opt in for 3 consecutive years.

The annual membership fee is 2500 EUR per company, per registered office, with a maximum default of 2 categories granted in order to avoid companies listing themselves for categories where they are not necessarily experts in. Additional categories may be purchased, after suitable credentials are provided and approved.

For annual fee of partners, please contact our team directly more information.

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