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About us

The New Silk Road Network (NSRN) is specifically designed to connect logistics companies who are located and conduct business along the economic corridors of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), also dubbed the “New Silk Road”, proposed and driven by the Chinese government.

It is without doubt that the developments of the BRI will result in a shift in the global movement of goods, and the logistics industry, being the carrier, will also experience major change. From a maritime perspective, new ports are being built and new routes established. More volume however, will shift towards to the land route, with rail transportation playing an increasingly important role. Inland cities, that were traditionally not considered logistics hubs, are gaining visibility and influence as railway infrastructure extends its footprint. This brings both challenges for adaptation, and opportunities to be taken advantage of.

How do small and medium sized local logistics companies enhance their visibility and gain more business? How can one provide competitive rates in routes that they have previously not explored before? How should a Chinese cargo owner or forwarder find the right European local partner for cargo consolidation and warehousing? How efficient is my supply chain?

All these questions reveal a lack of transparency and information, that could be overcome with a platform that will serve as a professional ecosystem. With a clear vision of bridging the gap between Chinese companies and those geographically located along the New Silk Road, both land and sea, NSRN aims to help everyone benefit from this grand scheme by connecting the right people and right companies together.

Our Mission

NSRN’s mission is to connect people from the broad spectrum of the logistics industry, promote the exchange of know-how and information, enable members to gain a better understanding of the circumstances presented by the development of the New Silk Road, and ultimately benefit from the change in the movement of goods and global economy interdependency. 



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